LattE integrale "for tea, too"
LattE integrale "for tea, too" is a joint source code distribution of the two software packages LattE integrale und 4ti2 and all required libraries (cddlib, NTL, LiDIA, GLPK, GMP).

It has been ported to all major platforms (Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows (with Cygwin), and Solaris) and is easy to install and use.

Latest version Download from the LattE website
Other versions available here and here
Installation Be sure to install the most recent version. It is self-contained and thus easy to build and install:
tar -xfz latte-integrale-VERSION.tar.gz
cd latte-integrale-VERSION
make check
When the compilation has finished (it does take a while), you will find an installation tree with all programs, the manuals, etc. in the dest subdirectory. You can start using it as follows:
dest/bin/count dest/share/latte/examples/magic4x4


Data from computations in scientific articles you find here.